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Endless Action

5/21/2020 New Patch

Shaiya Shade New Patch
Since We care about every new player that join us and we been moving up so fast we decided too boost the Kill rate and pvp rewards for the new players
from now on 0 kills till 50k will be x3 kill rate
from 50k to 100k kill rate will be x2 and after 100k kills kill rate will go back to x1
Also we Boosted our starters set now you can all start with legendary Gear linked with lapis lv 5 and duals and Lv 55 weapons pre ele with 3 slots (The weapon you get from CS quest )
You are all welcome to Join us and enjoy one of the best Shaiya Journey
You can contact me personally for more info or help
For Our lovely and Loyal player
1- We Added Perfect linking hammer in WebMall for 2500 sp i know it's expensive but the reason is Op prices wont go down
2- We Created a new Boss that spawnes in DD1 every 8 hours called Pixie
This Boss drops ele 1 at 100 % and Goddess cape at 30 %
3- we Added More pvp rewards But i'm sorry to tell you that if you already passed the rank you wont get the rewards because it was patched today (ex: 150k kills you get snowboard if you are at 151 k kill today you wont get the snow board but there is no reason to be mad cause you have more pvp rewards and we will be adding alot from time to time )
4- every one Recived 300 sp for Loyalty thank you all

Biggest Event Ever !!!!

@everyone as you all Know Friday 1 May is Shade 3rd Month Anniversary :1952_pandaHYPE_1: So for a Special Event We will be going to 1-15 Map Proelium :xD: For some MASSIVE AS FUCK AND MADNESS PVP BUT There will be 3 sides Fighting AoL vs UoF vs CTO and his ARMY ( who will appear after 2 Hours of CHAOS and PvP ) we will be waiting for you and Hope you all show up Date and Time : Friday 1 May 13:00 pm SERVER TIME
With Love Shaiya Shade Staff team

We are here and will always be !! <3

4/25/2020 Patch

1- We added NPC merchant In AH for 58 gear ( Not weapons only gear ) 2m Each Sush as Daynorth gear

2- We Added Duals lapis ( Only Duals ) 2m Each in Potions & Webmall merchant in AH

3- Life lv 6 lapis , Forbide lv 6 lapis and Wit lv 6 Lapis were Removed from Game means when you Farm OI or KI you wont get such lapis cause they are barely used and every one NPC them so we removed them and Added them to Potions & Webmall merchant in AH

4- Karision Desert Poison Larva / Karision Big Tongs Larva / Alimoss Guard Scorpion / Karision Archane Combater / Karision Tongs Larva/ Karision Archane Fighter (Def/ guard skils ) i been told it's really hard to farm with Defs/Guards cause Aoes don't work on Mobs so now they do and Behimoth now is 30 sec on recharge time

5- Gate Keeper to Jungle map has been added also


Reason for ( 1 , 2 and 3 ) is that we been Getting so many New Players and it's really Amazing the support we been getting Server is active Every day and we are moving so Fast

So i don't want any of the new players losing time on farming Gear or even Lapis such as duals

I would like to take the time and Say Welcome to every Single new player we are here for you or discord and InGame Staff are 24/7 Active 

Feel free to ask us anything on our Discord server! 


With Love Yours truly, and forever,

Shaiya Shade Staff Team

We Aim For Perfection !!

1- D1 is being crowded so we Decided to Add Recreation Runes to DD1 mobs at 35%

2- Legendary weapons Are Also hard alot to get for New players in Sky City so We added LV52+ Weapons to DD1 mobs at 5%

3- Jungle is being camped as well so we Added Lapisia in Caelum Sacra mobs at 1%

4- As you all know we are an epi 4.5 server and after 130 K kills you get 27 stats point and it's to much for epi 4.5 new players will have no chance againts old ones so we Tweaked stats from Vet Manager after 130k kills it's now 13 stats instead of 27 (ONLY AFTER 130K Kills rank = 2 Stars)

5- Shade is Growing every day so we decided to make a new Quest The Lucky Lapis Quest it's an Accesories lapis it gives +7 to all stats no hp mp or sp OFC the Lapis is not dropAble in game or in Webmall the only way you can get it is By Farming luck Tokens in DD1 Lucky tokens drop at 0.5 % from all DD1 mobs and in order to finish the quest you need 100 of them it's not hard DD1 is open all day and it shud not be an easy lapis too

I want to SEE A CROWDED DD1 from now on Good Luck !!

With Love

Shaiya Shade, Staff Team 

With Love , Shaiya Shade Staff team

PvP for EVER !!

PvP is Blood ,Competition , Killing ,Dieing BUT in Shade it's rewardful as well
 Kill Script is Added From now on for every 1000 Kills in pvp you get 20 Sp automaticly  and i also have a panel for stat padding so don't even try to  hope you enjoy more pvp from now

Yours truly, and forever,
Shaiya Shade Staff Team

3/7/2020 Big Updates

 1- We Added a new Boss in in AH spawn every 10 hours It drops a wedding set lv 1 for all classes but you will have to FFA over it

2- We Added a new map called battle zone Gate Portal is in captial Ice dragon is fixed there spawn every 10 hours Mobs drop Echant bag and Fortune bag echant bag : have all the echant you need Fortune bag : have RR , LC , Fortune coin lv 3 , Lapis lv 6 and OPS
3- We added Class change check website in services and be carefull wich one you buy

4- we Fixed CT quest

5- we added the GODDESS WEDDING map

6- Pvp Script will be patched tomorrow for 1000 kills per day you get 20 Shaiya Points


Yours truly, and forever

Shaiya Shade Staff Team

We Love you All <3

Good evening cutiepies!

Guess what’s tomorrow!??!!! Yeah, sure. CT. BUUTTTTT, tomorrow’s our first month anniversary!!! :JT_hypertada: :KonataDance: :JT_hypetada:

I wanna take this moment to thank each and every single one of your for an absolutely amazing month! We started with hopes, and you guys turned them into reality. Thank you so much for taking the time of your day(s) to hop on and play with us. We would’ve never been the same without all of you. :Love:

Our first month was a blast, and the progress that we’ve made in it is motivating. We promise you to keep striving forward and keep building the server upon what you guys want and enjoy.

With that being said, every one of you who has 500+ PvP kills will be getting 500 DP as an anniversary gift and as a thank you for being with us.

And here’s to us, all of us, the Shaiya Shade family.

With love,
Shaiya Shade Staff Team

Massive pvp every day !! Join Us Now <3